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Customs Clearance – Import & Export

Customs Clearance - Import & Export

Customs clearance is the process by which national governments control and monetize the flow of goods across international borders. To define clearance in the context of customs control, it’s enough to say that any goods you ship internationally must receive permission to move across an international border. This “clearance” can only be granted by the customs authority in the country concerned. To move out of the country of origin, your shipments must receive export clearance, and they must be granted import clearance to enter the destination country. Import and export customs clearance procedures must be one of the most daunting elements of international freight shipping for small to medium-sized enterprises, especially those taking first steps into the global business arena. Of course, a freight forwarder like GAJ can shoulder a lot of the complexity of clearing goods through customs and spare you from micromanaging the customs clearance process yourself. However, everything will seem less complicated if you choose GAJ for your service.